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Timlo, special culinary Solo, Central Java

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Timlo, special culinary Solo
Let us try culinary in Solo, central java ....

Timlo is typical culinary city of Solo, Central Java, the contents of which pieces of chicken meat, chicken jerohan like liver, gizzard, sausage pieces solo, Soya
sauce chicken eggs, with a sauce similar to the soup and fried onions sprinkled on top. Usually timlo presented along with a serving of hot rice. Broth was amazing, a savory chicken broth flavor will shine through the scent, and if eaten beauty will wrap our oral cavity.

Timlo famous in Solo is the place Timlo Sastro behind Market Gedhe Solo.

Basically a solo timlo taste like soup. But what distinguishes the other soup ingredients. Rice timlo not use vegetables.
And materials that can only be found in the rice timlo, not in another soup, which is sausage solo (a type of spring roll with chicken content). Besides rice timlo use a sweet soy sauce egg, most other soup (using eggs) using ordinary boiled egg.
Enjoy ...
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Jadah Tempe "Mbah Carik" typical culinary yogyakarta

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Buddy bloggers on this special month, Kampung Artikel  will present articles  related to culinary. On the first occasion this is the lucky JADAH TEMPE, because it includes my favorite food ... hehehe.
Let's go to Yogyakarta, more precisely in the area Kaliurang. 
If you visit the tourist areas Kaliurang, do not be surprised if many people hawking food premises name JADAH TEMPE. Yes, food from basic ingredients and coconut sticky rice is delicious eaten with sweet, marinated Tempe or tofu (tahu ) is indeed known as region-specific food Ground. 
Jadah shaped oval that is still warm because it feels delicious mix of coconut in it. Meanwhile, its sweetness can be from this tempe. More and more delicious when accompanied with a cayenne pepper.
Hmm .. .. yum yum! If you do not like the tempe still others are sweet, marinated tofu.

Jadah Tempe's most famous pieces are made by MBAH CARIK, all those misbegotten jogja definitely recommend the most comfortable pieces of tempe champion and famous, because  MBAH CARIK whose real name is mbah Sastro Dinomo is the first to introduce these foods in the 1950s in the village of Kaliurang.
That is why the Kaliurang village became famous for the JADAH TEMPE.

JADAH TEMPE this could not last long. Should be eaten the same day when purchased, so it can not serve as a souvenir.

Each person who visited the area Kaliurang will definitely find this JADAH TEMPE MBAH CARIK. Besides tasty, relatively cheap JADAH TEMPE MBAH CARIK also the price. For 10 JADAH and 10 Tempe only is priced at Rp 10,000.00. But if you want to know can also be mixed with tahu.

Good luck if you come to the city of Yogyakarta, in addition you can also enjoy culinary tours in the city.
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