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6 Function of Water in the Body Metabolism

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 6 Function of Water in the Body Metabolism

Prompts for at least two liters of drinking water or about eight glasses per day is always associated with human health. As nutrients, water has an important task for the human body. Here are a function of the body of water is abstracted from the book Water For Health.

1. Forming cells and body fluids
The main components of the cell, except the fat cells, is water, which is 70-85 percent. Water plays an important role in the formation of various body fluids, like blood, gastric fluids, hormones, enzymes and so forth. In addition, water is also present in muscle and is useful to maintain muscle tone so that muscles are able to contract.

2. Regulating body temperature
Produce hot water, absorb and deliver heat to the entire body so as to maintain the body temperature remains stable. Through the production of sweat which mostly consists of water and salt, the water helped cool the body temperature.

3. Solvent
Water dissolves more nutrients and to aid in food digestion. Because water is an inorganic substance, water is not ingested. The water quickly through the small intestine and most of the absorbed and then helped to function as one component of mucus for the rest of the food substance to come out as feces.

4. Lubricant and bearing
Water also serves as a lubricant or lubricant in the form of joint fluid, which allows joints to move properly and reduce friction between the joints. Water also serves as a vibration-resistant pads (shock absorbing cushion fluid) in body tissue, such as the brain, eyes, spinal cord, and pockets amniom in the womb.

5. Media transport
Because sturkturnya consisting of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom, water easily moves from one cell compartment to cell komparatemen another, from one body system to another system. Water is an effective transport medium. In the respiratory system, helps transport water oksgien throughout the body.

6. Detoxification
The body produces a variety of metabolic waste that is not needed, including toxins. Various metabolic waste is excreted through the urinary tract, gastrointestinal tract, respiratory tract, and skin, which requires the media, namely water.
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Coconut Water Overcome 1001 Skin Problems

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Coconut Water Overcome 1001 Skin Problems

Until now, various skin problems still haunt the women. Growing variety of treatments for acne, wrinkles, loose skin and scars, but with costs that are not affordable to everyone.

In some cases, acne remained stubborn despite being confronted with various drugs. Not all skin can receive foreign material well and it could be what makes your acne does not go away. So even with the scar, everyone wanted to get rid of these scars appear so, but it was not that easy.

Before you decide to undergo a variety of high-cost treatment, the following solutions should you try, the ritual of washing the face with coconut water. Coconut water famous for its potent overcome poisoning on the human body. Various skin problems also arise because of the poison can not be removed by the skin, then you should not hesitate to use coconut milk as a beauty treatment.

In general, 100 ml of coconut water contains 294 mg potassium, 25 mg sodium, 5 mg of sugar and 118 mg of chloride. This combination is quite convincing to make the skin away from skin problems caused by bacteria, such as acne. But in addition, coconut water also contains lauric acid which cytokinin and powerful way to minimize the aging process in skin cells, balances the skin pH and maintain the network remains strong and moist skin. Based on research, cytokinin able to assist the growth and regeneration of skin cells so it is good to heal the scars from acne or other infected wounds.

To get this benefit, you can simply provide fresh coconut water every day and use as a mask at night before bed. Clean the face, then apply coconut water in the troubled areas of skin. If you struggle to get the coconut water, you can break some coconuts at a time and then store it in the fridge. This water will hold it for 3 to 5 days, if you do not let the room temperature.
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Aloe Vera Helps Overcome Diabetes

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Aloe Vera Helps Overcome Diabetes

In addition to nourish hair, aloe vera is also known efficacious for treating some diseases. Among diabetes mellitus and heart attacks.

Aloe vera or Aloevera is one of the potent medicinal plants to cure various diseases. This plant has been used the Samaritans around 1875 BC. The ancient Egyptians already know the benefits of aloe vera as a medicine about 1500 BC. Thanks to his usefulness, the ancient Egyptians called it a plant of immortality.

A traditional medicine peracik Greek named Dioscordes, said that aloe vera can treat various diseases. For example, ulcers, skin bruising, cracking, blisters, hair loss, hemorrhoids, and sore throat.

In his report, Fujio L. Panggabean, a researcher and observer of medicinal plants, says that the efficacy of aloe vera no other because these plants have sufficient nutrition for the human body. Results of other studies on Aloe vera showed that carbohydrate is the largest component after water, which donated a number of calories as a source of energy.

Health food
According to one observer of health food (supplement), Dr. Freddy Wilmana MFPM SpFK, from about 200 species of aloe vera plant, which is suitable for treatment is a type Aloevera barbadensis miller. Aloe vera contains 72 types of substances needed by the body.

Among the 72 substances the body needs it there are 18 kinds of amino acids, carbohydrates, fats, water, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, hormones, and the substance class of drugs, including antibiotics, antiseptic, antibacterial, anticancer, antiviral, antifungal, anti-infective , anti-inflammatory, antipembengkakan, antiparkinson, antiaterosklerosis, and antiviral resistant to antibiotics.

Given the complete content of it, according to Dr. aloe vera. Freddy was not just useful to maintain health, but also overcome many diseases. For example, aloe vera can reduce blood sugar in non insulin-dependent diabetes.

Containing Antioxidants
According to Drs. Freddy, some mineral elements contained in aloe vera is also serving as forming a natural antioxidant. For example, vitamin C, vitamin E, and zinc.

Even the results of research by scientists from the United States said that in Aloevera barbadensis miller there are some substances that can function as an antioxidant. Antioxidants are useful to prevent premature aging, heart attacks, and some degenerative diseases. 

Aloe vera stimulates the growth of new cells in the skin. Mucus contained in aloe vera lignin substances that can penetrate and soak into the skin. This will keep mucus fluid loss from the skin surface. As a result, the skin does not dry quickly and look younger.

In addition to hemorrhoids, aloe vera can be overcome swelling in the knee joints, cough, and wounds. Aloe vera also helps cope with constipation or difficult bowel movements because the mucus is bitter and contain laktasit, so it is a good laxative.

So far, according to Dr. Freddy, studies have not found adverse effects the use of aloe vera. If there is a problem, it is only in the form of allergy in those who have never consume aloe vera.

To remember, according to Dr. Freddy, the nature of the aloe vera plant is almost similar to the apples when discharged directly bitten by brown. It can be a sign of Aloe vera has been oxidized, so that some substances that contain damaged.

Aloe vera

Herb Aloe vera

How Concocting: 1 Aloe vera leaves are washed and peeled. It contained chopped or blended. Add 1 tablespoon of pure honey. Drink 3 times daily.

How Concocting: Half (1 / 2) stem prickly aloe vera leaves removed, washed, and shredded. Give half (1 / 2) cup of hot water, then wring it out. Add 2 tablespoons of honey. In warmer conditions, drink 3 times a day.

How Concocting: Half (1 / 2) stems from aloe vera leaves are washed and peeled. The content is cut into small pieces. Brewed with half (1 / 2) cup of water. Give 1 tablespoon honey. Warm food 2 times a day.

Diabetes mellitus
How Concocting: 2 sticks of aloe vera leaves, washed, discarded needles, cut into pieces. Boil 3 cups water, then strain. Drink 3 times daily after meals, each with half a glass.

Lowering blood sugar levels
How Concocting: 1 stem of aloe vera large size (about the size of your palm) is cleaned by peeling the skin and thorns. Soak about 30 minutes in salt water. Squeeze a while and then rinse under running water (tap water). Boil 3 cups water to boil. Chill. Drink as much as 1 / 2 cups, 2 to 3 times daily.

Hair fertilizer
How Concocting: 2 midrib aloe vera are washed and peeled. The contents rubbed on the scalp that had been washed in the afternoon. Wrap with cloth. The next day the hair is rinsed. Do it every day for 3 months.

Cough (stubborn)
How Concocting: 20 g aloe vera leaves are washed, peeled, cut into pieces. Give 2 tablespoons of pure honey. Drink 2 times a day. Repeat for 10 days.

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Why do rabbits like carrots?

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Why do rabbits like carrots?

Carrots contain vitamin A are not only good for the eyes. More than that. Carrots contain many nutrients and minerals to prevent stroke.

Carrots are known to contain vitamin A which is very high. Carrots have other elements such as calories, protein, carbohydrate, calcium, and iron. Carrots are the plants that are planted throughout the year and can grow in all seasons, especially in mountainous areas that have cold temperatures and damp. Carrots are vegetables easily available and very much beneficial for health.
There are some people, especially children who do not like this vegetable because not yet know whether the benefits of carrots are very rich in vitamins. Okay, let's see how far the carrot to benefit the body. According to Dr. John MS Win SpGK from Medigreen. The content in 122 grams or a cup of carrot juice have vitamin A as much as 34, 317, 40 mg, 16.678 mcg beta carotene, vitamin C 11.35 mg, folate 17.08 mcg. Vitamin K 16.10 mcg. While nutrition, such as calories of 52.46 calories, 1.26 grams of protein and 167.10 grams of water. Minerals in carrots is phosphorus, potassium and high atrium.

So far, people familiar with carrots only for the eyes because of its vitamin A content is very high. Carrots are believed to reduce the minus, plus and a cylinder in your eye. Apparently it was just a myth. According to scientific research, carrots do contain lots of vitamin A. However, the optical system errors on eye can not be corrected with vitamin A. Like a camera lens has no focus. The film of any quality brand will record a blurred image if the lens is not perfect. "It was a good source of vitamin A for night vision. Vitamin A to the retina produces rhodopsi (purple pigment) on a special eye for night vision. Vitamin A will reduce the aging of the macula eyes and prevent cataracts in the elderly, "explained the doctor who is also the practice of nutrition in hospitals Ridwan.

Prevent Stroke
Investigate a calibaration, carrots have more properties than just for eye health. One is to prevent stroke. People affected by stroke, if you consume lots of vitamin A, will have fewer neurological damage (nerve) and have a chance to heal. This is because when the brain does not get oxygen for how long, as in stroke, the cells began to experience malfunctions (interference function) that causes a series of events culminating when the nerve cells of oxidative damage, and these conditions can be muted if the blood contained many vitamin A.

A study showed that eating carrots at least five times a week can reduce the risk of stroke. Savor antistroke also generated because the activity of beta carotene to prevent the occurrence of plaque or cholesterol deposits in blood vessels. Beta carotene is the most active pigments when compared with the alpha and gamma carotene. Usually known as beta carotene provitamin A that the intestinal wall. "Because the carrots do not contain cholesterol. There is a fiber that can reduce fat in the blood. He can also be as an anti-oxygen. Oxidized fat in blood vessels that will make a stroke, it can prevent a stroke if he ate carrots that anti-oxidants and fiber is high, "he said.

No one wants to have a stroke and nobody wants to die young. Prevention is better than cure. So what are you waiting, carrot we know as the vegetables can lead us away from a stroke. Carrots were also used as a detox and a very good antioxidant. "For the heart, there Massuchusetts a 1300 study in the elderly is given one serving a day. Each day is given to a group of elderly people 122 gr. Apparently, the risk of heart attacks decreased 60 percent compared to the no, "he explained.

One cup of carrots (16.679 mcg) contain more beta carotene could reduce the risk of various cancers. One cup can reduce 20 percent of post-menopausal breast cancer, and can hit as much as 50 percent of bladder cancer, also 50persen lung cancer if we eat them. Carrots also according to Dr Win's good for preventing diabetes. "Unlike the insulin resistance, can prevent diabetes. She is inversely proportional to mean if he eats carrots resistance reduced, if baseball eat up, "he concluded. From the Journal of Agricultural Research in Chemistry Ford fulcarinoid content owned carrots can reduce the risk of colon cancer.

Carrots for Smokers
Dr. Win also publish that in one bensopyrine cigarette smoke that causes the status of vitamin A in the body decreases. Thus, cause cancer and inflammation in the lungs. Therefore, smokers are very good eating carrots for vitamin A in the body increases. "It turned out to people smoking is given a lot of carrots will make vitamin A were increased in the body," he continued.

So, like what a good carrot? Well, to gain maximum benefit carrot that must be considered is keen in memlih carrots. Select a color carrots rather young and bright. This indicates that the carrot is still young and fresh. According to him, carrots straight so do not bend and avoid branching, also cracked and lemes. Bright colors, the more orange the better the quality of carrots. "Carrots are better boiled, because he's got that cell walls tebl when boiled so very good beta carotene to be absorbed by the body. Rather than directly eaten raw, "he said.

How about a carrot that we eat too much? Will arise right palm signs that become orange-yellow. Better stop eating them. Colors in the palm of the hand will disappear by itself. "If you eat mostly karotinnya will accumulate under the skin, especially on the palms. After a long time will be processed in the liver carotene into vitamin A. If it is gone can eat again, "he explained.

For beauty, carrots very good because it can make your skin smoother. Eating carrots can also reduce acne. "Eating carrots fahcular hyperkeralosis we can prevent people whose skin is rough spots can be avoided can make so smooth. Acne can also be lost, "he explained.

Carrots are one type of vegetable and friendly ears among housewives. Carrots have a sweet taste and crunchy texture. If you are a fan of carrots then you should be proud because great benefits contained in the carrot.

That is why the rabbit was idolized carrots, look at the smooth white rabbit fur, whether it is also because the carrots?
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Savor Mint Leaves

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Savor Mint Leaves

Mint (Mentha cordifolia), which as we know, not only have a property to freshen breath. Semriwing fragrant aroma and mint leaves caused volatile oil content of menthol oil. These leaves contain vitamin C, provitamin A, phosphorus, iron, calcium and potassium.

Apparently more than that, mint-scented leaves and fragrant flavor of this refreshing cold also has many uses and is able to overcome some health problems, following some of them:

1. Overcome Dandruff
This recipe comes from Lake Austin Spa Resort, Texas. Insert the stem of mint and rosemary in 8 ounces of apple vinegar, let stand a week in order to really get out of her sari, then use like using a conditioner after shampooing. Mint will increase the circulation in the scalp to prevent dandruff, while his apple vinegar will dry dandruff.

2. Stomach Pain Relief
Abdominal cramps can be overcome with a glass of hot mint (add a teaspoon of fresh mint leaves in hot water.) Mint helps muscles to relax and overcome digestive cramps, according to Walt Coyle, MD, Gastroenterology director at Scripps Medical Center, La Jolla, California.

3. Hunger Relief
According to a study conducted at Wheeling Jesuit University in West Virginia, those who sipped mint essential oils every 2 hours, reduced calorie consumption by 23 percent than those who do not. Prepare mint or mints to help overcome hunger. However, limit the consumption of candy.

4. Digestive System

Mint leaves are a healthy appetizers. Why? Because mint can calm conditions in the stomach. The smell of mint will activate the salivary glands and the glands that produce digestive enzymes. And the result was smooth digestion.

5. Nausea and headache

A refreshing mint aroma is potent medicine for nausea. Smell the aroma of mint oil or fresh mint leaves in order to decrease nausea. When applied, the headache will also be reduced.

6. Respiratory Disorders

The smell of fresh mint is very effective relief of respiratory congestion by opening up the nose, throat, and lungs. Mint flavor could also help to overcome cough.

7. Asthma
  The use of mint regularly can help people with asthma because it can provide relaxation and help relieve breathing.

8. Skin care

Mint juice is great when used as face masks. In addition to the skin, infections, rashes, and acne can also be resolved. Mint also can cope with mosquito bites.

9. Oral health

This was certainly known to many people benefit from mint leaves. Because of its ability to cope with bacteria and inhibit growth of harmful bacteria in the mouth, no wonder your mouth and breath fresh we will always use it when the routine.

10. Cancer 

According to recent studies, some enzymes contained in the mint leaves can help fight cancer cells. 

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Benefits of Papaya Latex

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Benefits of Papaya Latex 

Every part of the papaya plant has properties. In fact, papaya sap contained in all parts of plants, ranging from fruits, leaves, stems, up to the root, has antitumor and cancer. 

This is because more than 10 amino acids contained therein. Papaya fruit has a high fiber content. That is why when experiencing difficult bowel movements, papaya is a fruit that fit for consumption.

Ingredients Papain Fruit, leaves and roots of papaya can indeed be used to prevent kidney problems, bladder pain, high blood pressure, and menstrual disorders. While papaya seeds beneficial treat roundworms, indigestion, colds, and diarrhea.

Of the several studies described, stems and leaves on the plant sap of papaya contains a lot of white as milk (milky white latex), which likely developed as anticancer.

Benefits of papaya latex to Bouchut scientifically proven health, as quoted by the Journal of the Society of Biology, stating papain has antitumor or cancer. The role was made possible by karpain compound, ringed alkaloid laktonat with seven groups of methylene chains. With that configuration, not only the tumor and skin diseases are cured, karpain was also a potent inhibit microorganisms that interfere with the performance of several digestive functions, so that effectively suppresses the cause of typhoid fever.

More than 10 amino acids contained in papaya latex, such as aspartic acid, threonine, serine, glutamic acid, proline, glycine, alanine, valine, isoleucine, leucine, tyrosine, phenylalanine, histidine, lysin, arginine, tritophan, and cysteine. They were united into raw material in cosmetics to smooth the skin, strengthen the network more resilient, and keep your teeth from plaque deposits.

During this papaya latex contained in the leaves are more used to dissolve the meat with the way raw meat wrapped in leaves for several hours at room temperature. In addition, papaya leaf-rub can be rubbed directly on the surface of meat. Rubbing the leaves on the meat is intended to remove the sap (latex) contained in the leaves to come out, then go in the flesh.

Here are some examples of mixes. Seeds - Chewing one teaspoon of raw papaya seeds in empty stomach every day to prevent and eradicate the worms and other parasites. Papaya seeds can be used in wet or dry. If it seems too strong, can be blended with dates or honey. This papaya seeds can be blended and mixed with a little water, just drunk.

As an antiparasitic program, eat papaya seeds this every day for a week, then repeated two weeks later. - Alternatively, take the form of dried papaya seed powder 10 grams. The powder is boiled with water 150 ml, up to 75 ml solution obtained after filtered. These results can be taken at the same time two hours before dinner.

The roots of papaya for de-worming, use 10 grams of dried papaya roots, 1 g garlic, and water 100 ml. Material is cut into pieces, then boiled with water for 15 minutes, filtered. If necessary, add boiled water in order to obtain the results of the filter 75 ml. - As a pick-me-up, take two pieces of roots and leaves of papaya. Both ingredients are finely ground, then boiled with a liter of water until boiling, then strain. If necessary, combine honey or ginger to taste more fresh.

To prevent the risk of kidney stones, take three pieces of the roots of papaya, then boiled with a liter of water until boiling, then strain. Once cool, mix with a little honey, then drink.

For drug papaya latex burns or itching in the skin (as an external drug). Apply the sap from the papaya fruit is still young. To prevent infection, clean the skin first before smeared.

As a meat tenderizer, papaya leaf-rub can be rubbed directly on the surface of meat. Rubbing the leaves on the meat was intended to remove the sap (latex) contained in the leaves to come out, then go in the flesh.

Papaya leaf As blood pressure control, take 5 pieces of papaya leaves, boiled with 1 / 2 liters of water to stay 3 / 4. Let cool before drinking. If necessary, add brown sugar or honey to taste sweeter and drink it like tea.

For dengue fever medicine, mix 5 pieces of papaya, ginger, meniran taste, and brown sugar. Boil until cooked to then cool before it's ready to drink.

Medicine for stomach pain during menstruation, take 1 sheet of papaya, tamarind, and salt to taste. Boil until cooked to then cool and drink in one glass.

Raw papaya fruit to facilitate breastfeeding, overcoming constipation, menstrual disorders, as well as stomach upset, take advantage of papaya fruit as a base for vegetables.

Vegetables are usually cooked papaya fruit as well as making vegetable ve. As a distraction, can be mixed with meat or tempeh. Do not forget, before cooking, wash the fruit to remove dirt and reduce resin.

Ripe papaya fruit to increase fiber intake helps keep the digestive organs as well as facilitate bowel movements. Can be eaten directly or made with mixed fruit juice others and added honey or sugar.
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Dragon Fruit Strengthen Kidney Function

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Dragon Fruit Strengthen Kidney Function 

Sajen make this god is very beneficial for human health. Fruits are rich in fiber, vitamins, and minerals are able to prevent a variety of degenerative diseases, reduce emotional stress, and neutralize toxins in the blood.

Dragon fruit has a very unique and attractive appearance. The size of a mango gedong lipstick, with light red color. Her skin was like a big snake scales (dragon), but not because the fruit is known as dragon fruit. It feels fresh and slightly sour sweet.

There is a link to the myth can lower blood sugar and cholesterol levels. Lately fruit plants are also starting to bear fruit used as an ornamental plant grown in pots.

Rich Fiber
Fiber content on the dragon fruit is very good, reaching 0.7 to 0.9 grams per 100 grams. Fibre is needed by the body to lower cholesterol. In the digestive tract fibers will bind bile acids (end products of cholesterol) and then released with feces. Thus, the higher consumption of fiber, the more bile and fatty acids released by the body.

In addition to preventing cholesterol, fiber content on the dragon fruit is also very useful in the digestive system. Dietary fiber (dietary fiber) was able to shorten transit time, ie the time it takes food from the oral cavity until the rest of the food issued in the form of feces. Meanwhile, food fiber will bind carcinogenic substances. Thanks to the short transit time, time residing carcinogenic substances in the body also become shorter, so that the smaller the opportunity to harm the body (Goldberg, 1994).

Dietary fiber is very good for preventing diabetes mellitus, heart disease, stroke, cancer, and other cardiovascular diseases. Unfortunately, fiber consumption in Indonesia is still very low, about 10 grams per person per day. In fact, the recommended intake of food fiber is 20-30 grams per person per day.

Dragon fruit is renowned as one source of beta-carotene. Beta-carotene is a provitamin A in the body is converted into vitamin A which is very useful in the process of vision, reproduction, and other metabolic processes.

It is estimated that every 6 micrograms of beta-carotene has a biological activity equivalent to 1 microgram of retinol. FAO-WHO group has calculated that only about half of the absorbed beta-carotene which is converted into vitamin A. Approximately only 1 / 6 of the content of carotenoids in food ingredients that would eventually be utilized by the body.

Beta-carotene is also a type of antioxidant that may play an important role in reducing the radical concentration peroksil. Ability to work as an antioxidant beta-carotene derived from its ability to stabilize carbon-core radicals. Because beta-carotene is effective at low concentrations of oxygen, can complement the antioxidant properties of vitamin E are effective at high concentrations of oxygen.

Beta-carotene is also known as an element of cancer prevention, especially skin and lung cancer. Beta-carotene can reach more parts of the body in a relatively longer time compared with vitamin A, thereby providing optimal protection against the emergence of cancer.

Lower Cholesterol
According to Al Leong from Johncola Pitaya Food R & D, dragon fruit is very good for the circulatory system. Also very effective for reducing the emotional pressures and neutralize toxins in the blood.

Research Agency of Agriculture said that the dragon fruit can lower cholesterol levels, balancing blood sugar, kidney function and bone strengthening, and improving the working of the brain. Savor the dragon fruit is still unknown by the public. In addition to research that is still very limited, the fruit is still very rare. In fact, there are still many among us who are totally unfamiliar with this fruit.

Dragon fruit is a source of vitamins and minerals are pretty good. Levels of vitamin B1 on the dragon fruit reaches 0.3 mg per 100 grams of fruit flesh. Consumption of vitamin B1 per person per day is recommended by the National Widyakarya Food and Nutrition (2004) is 0.5 to 0.9 mg for children under 10 years old, and 0.9 to 1.0 mg for adults. Pregnant women and mothers who are breastfeeding need an additional amount of 0.3 mg per day above the normal requirement.

In principle, thiamine (vitamin B1) acts as a coenzyme in reactions that produce energy from carbohydrates and transfer energy to form energy-rich compound called ATP. Thiamine deficiency causes polyneuritis (dried berries), which is caused by the disruption of nerve transmission or neural networks suffer from lack of energy. Symptoms of thiamine deficiency initially was tired, loss of appetite, weight loss, and indigestion.

Dragon fruit also contains potassium, iron, protein, calcium in sufficient quantities both to increase endurance. These substances are also good for mentralkan toxins in the blood, improve eyesight, and prevent hypertension.

Dragon fruit's water content is also quite high, reaching 83 grams per 100 g of fruit flesh. Therefore, the dragon fruit can also be used as a delicious dessert.

Nutritional composition per 100 grams of flesh dragon fruit (Components and levels)
Water (g) 82.5 to 83.0
Protein (g) 0.16 to 0.23
Fat (g) 0.21-0.61
Fiber / dietary fiber (g) 0.7 to 0.9
Beta-carotene (mg) 0.005 to 0.012
Calcium (mg) 6.3 to 8.8
Phosphorus (mg) 30.2 to 36.1
Iron (mg) 0.55 to 0.65
Vitamin B1 (mg) 0.28 to 0.30
Vitamin B2 (mg) 0.043 to 0.045
Vitamin C (mg) 8-9
Niacin (mg) 1.297 to 1.300 

Source : Prof Made Astawan,
Food Technology and Nutrition Experts, IPB.
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