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The order for sperm quality

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The order for sperm quality 

A study published recently in the journal Fertility and Sterility found that men who consumed antioxidant (active substance which is obtained from fruits and vegetables) have better quality sperm either motion, the volume of ejaculate, or sperm concentration than those who frequently consume meat and full-fat dairy products. 

Antioxidants have long been regarded as substances that are useful in slowing the aging process, boost the immune system, protects the body from exposure to free radicals that can damage cells that protect from diseases such as cancer, arthritis, Parkinson's and Alzheimer's. And now said to be also beneficial in strengthening the sperm.

Research done by several universities in Spain examined 61 men, 30 had poor sperm kualtiasnya, 31 normal cement. They were given the opportunity to eat 93 different foods and not allowed to take vitamin / supplement during the study. 

The man who turned out normal cement is known to those who eat foods rich in fiber, carbohydrates, antioxidants, rich in folic acid, vitamin C, and licopen worse than cement. 

Then, in order to increase the quality of sperm, men need to eat many foods that contain antioxidants, then? Yes, said Jaime Mendiola, head of research and teaching at the University of Murcia. 

Then, what is the best source of antioxidants? Carrie Bloxson, nutritional consultant from New York stating that you should consume a nutritional supplement and not a replacement origin. "I also recommend you keep the original food megnonsumsi than synthetic supplements so the body does not need to process the chemicals it carries." 

Bloxson recommend a set of sperm quality-enhancing substances in foods such as:
  •   Folic acid: spinach, asparagus, and nuts or beans
  •   Vitamin C: broccoli, oranges, strawberries.
  •   Lycopene: tomatoes, watermelon, grapes. 

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11 How To Prevent Erectile Dysfunction

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11 How To Prevent Erectile Dysfunction 

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a common disorder that occurs among elderly men. However, this disorder is not actually part of the normal aging process. Then, how can you avoid it? Here are 11 tips for preventing ED: 

1. Watch what you eat a poor diet resulting in decreased ability of man to erection. 

 Research has shown that poor diet can cause heart attacks by inhibiting blood flow in arteries. The lack of intake of fruits and vegetables as well as the penchant to eat fatty foods and processed foods can inhibit blood flow to the penis. 

"Everything that is not good for a man's heart is also bad for the penis," says Andrew McCullough, MD, Clinical Professor of Urology and Director of Program Male Sexual Health at New York University Langone Medical Center. 

Recent research shows that ED is relatively rare in those of the Mediterranean diet that promotes fruits, vegetables, grains, and heart friendly foods such as nuts, olive oil, fish, and wine. 

"The relationship between Mediterranean diet and sexual function has been proven scientifically," says Irwin Goldstein, MD, director of sexual medicine at Alvarado Hospital in San Diego. 

2. Maintaining an ideal weight Being overweight brings many health problems, including type 2 diabetes, which can cause damage to nerves throughout the body that affect the penis. 

3. Avoid increase in blood pressure and cholesterol, high cholesterol or high blood pressure can damage blood vessels, including vessels carrying blood to the penis. 

 Eventually, this can cause ED. Make sure you check koresterol and blood pressure regularly or you can buy blood pressure monitors are also sold for home use. But be careful, blood pressure-lowering drugs can make it hard erections. But doctors say many cases of ED associated with the drug actually caused the damage caused by arterial hypertension. 

4. Drinking alcohol moderation or not at all. 

 "There is no evidence to suggest the consumption of alcohol taste bad for erectile function," said Sharlip But consuming large amounts of alcohol can cause liver damage, nerve damage, and conditions that can cause ED. 

5. Exercise regularly. Research shows, a healthy lifestyle can prevent erectile dysfunction.  

Sports such as: running, swimming, and other forms of aerobic exercise can help prevent ED. However, caution against excessive exercise that puts pressure on the perineum, which is the area between the scrotum and the anus. Goldstein said, "Cycling may cause impotence." Cycling short distances may not be a problem. But people who spend a lot of time cycling must ensure they use proper, wearing padded cycling shorts, and often stand while pedaling. 

6. Do not rely Kegel One form of exercise that does not seem useful is the Kegel exercises, which cause contraction and relaxation of the pelvic floor muscles repeatedly. 

 Kegel exercises can help men and women with incontinence (unable to hold urine). But there is no evidence that they prevent erectile dysfunction. 

7. Keep testosterone levels even in healthy men, testosterone levels are often decreased sharply at the age of 50 years.  

Every year after age 40, male testosterone levels usually fall around 1.3%. Wapadalah symptoms like low sex drive, moodiness, lack of stamina, or difficulty making decisions because it could be your testosterone deficiency. 

8. Avoid anabolic steroids.  

The drugs, which are often misused by athletes and bodybuilders, can shrink the testicles and reduce the ability to produce testosterone. 

9. Stop smoking Smoking can damage blood vessels and restrict blood flow to the penis.  

Nicotine triggers the blood vessels, which can impede blood flow to the penis. 

10. Avoid risky sex Some cases of erectile dysfunction from injury to the penis that occurs during sexual activity.  

To prevent injury to the penis, do it after making sure vaginal penetration with a well lubricated. Make sure your penis does not slip out of the vagina so that you will not hit the body hard. If your partner is moving in such a way that hurt your penis, do not bend, but immediately asked the couple to stop the action. If a couple is doing the position of "woman on top" and move downward, while the penis does not enter the vagina, the excess burden would "hurt" penis. " 

11. Control stress.  

Stress from psychological factors can increase the levels of the hormone adrenaline, which makes blood vessels contract. That could be bad news for an erection. Whatever can he do to relieve stress and feel an emotional connection is running fine, then it can help sex life.

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5 Facts Mr P is amazing

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5 Facts Mr P is amazing 

Discussing the male sexual organ of this one was often invites curiosity and not infrequently associated with various myths. Among the men, may not always notice all the "valuables" them with painstaking. 

Sometimes, if there is a singularity, the Adam often embarrassed to ask their friends or lazy to find information from other sources. Well here are some facts about Mr. P may never know. This info may be very useful for education, for both men and women. Among this information, may also exist that will make you stunned. 

1. Shaped like a boomerang.  

When observed, your penis is actually shaped like a boomerang. Like when you can not see all the big oak tree above ground, you will not see the root of your penis is embedded in the pelvis and attaches to the pubic bone. 

As reported by a French researcher who monitor the men and women during sexual intercourse through MRI imaging device, the penis looks distinctly boomerang-like, through the imaging scanner. 

One method of penis enlargement surgery is by cutting the ligaments that support the root of the sex organs in the pelvis. Operation can make the penis look bigger if more part protrudes from the body. However, this surgery can cause side effects. 

Called the suspensory ligament that this could actually make a solid erection. By cutting the ligaments, it means that the penis loses its upward angle / forward so that it becomes not sturdy or wobbly. As a result of this addition, Mr. P became vulnerable to injury. 

2. Can not be controlled.  

You've probably noticed if the penis is often moving on his own. You'll recall when the sex organs are suddenly "wake up" at the wrong time. And you can not do much about it. 

True, you can not control these organs such as other body parts such as hands or feet. This happens because the penis responding to the nervous system that are not always in control of your consciousness. It is also called autonomous nervous system (autonomic nervous system) that helps maintain heart rate and blood pressure. 

Meanwhile, sexual stimuli usually appears not to control or own accord. Conscious mind had a role in it, but most sexual stimulation takes place in the sympathetic nervous system (sympathetic nervous system) which is also one of the branches of the nervous system autonomy. 

In addition, impulses from the brain during REM sleep can cause an erection, that is when you're dreaming about sex or when you are stressed in the middle of exams for forgetting to learn. Heavy lifting or straining to have a bowel movement can also cause an erection. When Mr. P started to grow unnoticed, sometimes the sex organs are also shrinking by itself. 

"The flaccid penis varies in size and are very dependent on each person. If the penis is exposed to water or cold air, usually shrink. That is the function of the sympathetic nervous system," says Drogo Montague, MD, a urologist from the Cleveland Clinic. 

Psychological stress also involves the sympathetic nervous system, and stress have the same effect with a splash of cold water. When you relax and feel well, your flaccid penis looks bigger than when you are in stressful situations. "The penis as a barometer of the sympathetic nervous system," said Montague.
3. Type Grower or Shower?  

Among men, there was no consistent relationship between size when flaccid to fully erect length. A study of 80 men, researchers found that increases from flaccid state (flaccid) to erect widely, ranging from a quarter inch to 3.5 inches. 

Regardless of the clinical significance of these data, but the research data can be considered. You can assume that Mr. P is a big limp will look even bigger when erect. However, his sex organ man who looks tiny could surprise you with a big erection. 

An analysis of more than thousand measurements taken by sex researcher Alfred Kinsey shows that Mr. P is shorter flaccid tend to be elongated two times greater than the length of time the condition appears soft (flaccid). Mr P does not gain much length when erect is known as shower (type show), while increasing the length of the penis called the type of grower (type expands). This is not a medical term and there is no scientific requirement for both categories. 

Kinsey data indicate, most of Mr. P is not the type of shower or grower extreme. About 12 percent of penises gained one-third or less of the total length when erect and about 7 percent doubled in length when erect. 

4. Many are not circumcised.  

Reports from two UN agencies, namely WHO and UNAIDS, says that the world's estimated that only about 30 percent of men aged 15 and over who were circumcised. 

Average varies from religion and nationality. Almost all the male Jews and Muslims in the world circumcised and globally the number they represent 70 percent of men who have been circumcised. 

5. Can be broken?
On the inside of the male sex organ is indeed no bones, but you can break it or also called a penile fracture. "These injuries are not smooth and when it occurs, will arise like the sound of camera shots (snap). Then the penis turns blue and very painful," said Montague. 

Penile fracture is rare and usually occurs in young men because their erections tend to be somewhat rigid or very stiff. 

There are ways to prevent this case, ie, do not treat Mr P too rough. Penile fracture usually occurs when a man pushed too hard and too fast when intercourse and slams into his partner's pubic bone. Or she was too active when in position on top so it can break a man's sex organ. 

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4 Procrastinator Ejaculation Technique

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4 Procrastinator Ejaculation Technique 

Premature ejaculation or "junior" too fast "finished" ranks second after the ED as a sexual disorder that most often experienced by men. Sexual problems are also worried about the men for fear hardly powerful. 

A man called premature ejaculation (ED) if he had ejaculated less than two minutes. According dr.Andi Riyanto, Sp.RM, from RS. Pantiwilasa Citarum, Semarang, in normal conditions, a person is usually capable of ejaculation and penetration for 5-10 minutes. 

Premature ejaculation is divided into two types, primary and secondary. "The primary ED occurs when from the beginning he had sex can not control his ejaculations," he said. While the secondary ED occurs when people used it to control ejaculation for some time but it can not control it for some reason. 

One effective way to overcome premature ejaculation is to do sex therapy. "This is an exercise to control ejaculation is done with the help of his wife," he explained. 

Basically, sex therapy involves two techniques, ie start and stop technique, as well as the squeeze technique (suppression), the wife hit the base or tip of the penis at the time her husband was going to ejaculate. 

There are several steps that can be selected couples to perform sex therapy. 

1. Husband and wife lay on her back masturbating with his hand. When my husband would ejaculate, the penis pressing wife (at the base or tip) to inhibit ejaculation for 5-10 seconds or until the flavors to ejaculate subsides. 

2. With the woman on top, husband to penetrate into the vagina. But the husband should not do any movement. If was going to ejaculate, immediately pull your penis out and the wife made an emphasis on the penis. Do this several times. 

3. Same as step two, but the husband may do a bit of movement. When going to ejaculate, immediately pull your penis out and the wife made an emphasis to maintain an erection. 

4. When her husband have started to control ejaculation, couples can have sex with a sideways position (front or rear). Once her husband was going to ejaculate, try to stop and wife perform suppression techniques. Then repeated again. 

According dr.Andi, sex therapy should be done repeatedly, at least for six months. This therapy also requires a commitment of two sides. "Reluctance and lazy exercise is a factor causing the failure of this therapy," he explained. 

To support sex therapy, patients with ED are advised to perform Kegel exercises to strengthen pelvic muscles. The trick is to contract the pelvic muscles, such as when trying to hold pee. Do at least 10 times every day, automatically you will get used to delay ejaculation. 

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Watch out, Mr. P Shrinking Cigarette Create!

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Watch out, Mr. P Shrinking Cigarette Create!

One more reason for men to stop smoking. Cigarettes could actually cut the size of the penis.
Of course this is bad news for every man. Findings are based on results of a study done by researchers of Boston University School of Medicine is a new thing to watch.
The study involved 200 male smokers who mentions that the size of the penis can shrink up to one centimeter. How it works much like the effect of smoking on organ shrinkage of the liver caused inhibition of blood flow due to blood vessel damage.
Increased blood flow to the penis can stretch or erection. Well, if blood vessels are damaged, erectile capacity decreases automatically.
"If the penis hard erection, auto size also shrinking. This occurs because of cigarettes damage the body's ability to perform the effect of elastin, an influential effect on the ability to stretch the penile erection, "said one researcher, Dr. Pedram Salimpour told the Guardian newspaper.
However, the researchers could not determine how many cigarettes it takes to ruin the effect of elastin. Clearly, a more significant effect of smoking on penile shrinkage than the liver.
"This is due to blood vessels in the penis is smaller than the vein in the liver. If the small blood vessels are clogged, blood was consequently difficult to pass and have an impact on erection, "said Salimpour.

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Watch out, Sperm Damage due to smoking

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Watch out, Sperm Damage due to smoking 

Cases of male infertility are more common in smokers. One suspected cause is because smoking impairs the ability of sperm within the egg. Similarly, according to research by a team of researchers from the University of Buffalo, USA.

In his research, researchers compared sperm from 18 smokers and nonsmokers. In the examination of sperm in the laboratory is known that smokers are less able to stick to the egg, but this is an important step in fertilization.

"Due to the reduced ability of sperm to fertilize, especially in the male heavy smokers," says researcher Lani Burkman PhD. Men who smoke should also be alert to the risk of DNA damage in sperm defects that affect the fetus. "Men who smoke should consult your doctor andrology sperm or stopped smoking," he said.

In that study, all respondents in the group of smokers used to smoke four rods in a day. On average they had become smokers over 15 years.

"Like other cells in the body, human sperm also carry receptors of nicotine, which means they recognize and respond to nicotine," said Burkman.

Nicotine from smoking can also reduce sperm count and lowers blood flow to the penis can cause impotence.
In previous studies in the laboratory, sperm exposed to nicotine experienced various types of changes that greatly affect reproductive function. 

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Penis Size Affect Fertility

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Penis Size Affect Fertility 

Size does matter. That principle held by men in matters of sex. Although women are not required to satisfy a large penis size, according to a recent study found the size of the penis is also an effect on fertility. 

Penis size is meant here is the length measured from the anus until the bottom of the scrotum or called anogenital distance (AGD). 

According to research published in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives, the size of the AGD could be one of the instructions are simple but quite accurate fertility. 

Shanna Swan, professor of obstetrics and gynecology at the University of Rochester, USA, who conducted the study, said, AGD is closely related to the amount of semen and number of sperm cells. 

AGD median figure is about 2 inches (5.08 cm). Men who measure of AGD was shorter than the risk of infertility rate seven times higher compared with men who AGD was longer. The man who was shorter AGD also tend to have fewer sperm count or less than 20 million per millimeter. 

Men who have low sperm counts are usually also be difficult to impregnate his wife. A normal sperm count is 50-60 million sperm cells per millimeter. At first, research conducted Swan is not intended to analyze the fertility. 

However, preliminary results from a study of 126 college students found that pregnant women exposed to chemicals in plastics called phthalates tend to give birth a baby boy with short AGD size. 

In 2005 and repeated in 2008, Swan found that pregnant women exposed to high levels of phthalates will give birth to a baby boy with the size of the AGD and the size of the penis is shorter. 

Although the current size of the AGD has not been used as a standard in fertility tests, Swan said, the size of the AGD could be additional data for fertility doctor do the examination. 

"Currently AGD test is not yet recommended, but with further research it is not impossible it will happen," he said.  

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The size of the penis that Make Frustration

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The size of the penis that Make Frustration 

Misperception that symbolizes virility penis size has led the men obsessed with penis size increase. In fact, until now no single method effective penis enlargement. 

The first thing to realize is even if you feel the size of "the juniors" too cutesy, the actual size is still normal. The size of Indonesia's penis in erection conditions is 10 cm-14 cm. Some are shorter and some longer. In Caucasians (West) and the Middle East, its size is longer and larger, ie 12 cm-15, 4 cm. 

You should not feel intimidated at the sight of another man in the locker room or toilet is the size of his penis looks "wow" because of the size of their penis will not grow much in a state of erection. Conversely, men who "junior" look small when flaccid will grow the most when tightened and hard. 

If you still ngeyel that junior sizes too small, even if the ruler to prove otherwise, then you may experience interference in the science of psychiatry is called penile dysmorphic disorder. Conditions are similar to people who suffer from anorexia who always felt he was overweight, no matter even if his body lived bones wrapped in skin. 

According to one study, most men are obsessed with doing a variety of penis enlargement procedures are those who experienced penile dysmorphic disorder. Even after they had penis enlargement surgery are the most dissatisfied with the outcome. 

"Men who actually have a normal penis size, but often feel unsatisfied and constantly complaining of small penis, may be better to consult a psychiatrist rather than do the methods of penis enlargement," said Due to Elizabeth Boyle, Director of Reproductive Medicine and Surgery at Johns Hopkins Hospital. 

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12 Benefits of Cucumber

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12 Benefits of Cucumber 

Most of us may often eat cucumber or cucumber. Fruit in Latin named Cucumis sativus is often encountered in every meal, especially on fresh vegetables, salads or pickles. Cucumbers have a high enough water content in it so it works cool. 

Pieces of cucumber are also often used to help moisturize the face and many are believed to lower high blood pressure. However, to find out more about nutrition and health benefits contained in the cucumber, let's explore what health areas derived from the consumption of fruit including pumpkin-Labuan tribes are: 

1. Skin Care
Cucumber is diuretic, cooling and cleansing effects that are beneficial to the skin. High water content, Vitamins A, B and C and presence of minerals like magnesium, potassium, manganese and silica make cucumbers become an important part of skin care. Face mask that contains cucumber extract used for skin tightening. Ascorbic acid and caffeic acid present in the cucumber can lower the level of water retention which in turn reduces swelling and puffiness around the eyes. 

Digestive problems such as ulcers, gastritis acidity, and even ulcers can be cured by eating fresh cucumber juice every day. The content of dietary fiber in cucumbers can expel toxins from the digestive system that memingkatkan digestive process. In fact, eating a cucumber every day considered to be very potent as a drug constipation. 

3. Joint health
In cucumber contained silica which can promote the health of your joints by strengthening connective tissue. 

4. Digestion of protein
Cucumbers contain an enzyme called Erepsin which helps in digestion of proteins. 

5. Blood pressure
Potassium, magnesium and fiber present in the cucumber can assist you in maintaining blood pressure remained normal. 

6. Killing the tapeworm
Seed the cucumber is considered as a natural remedy to expel tapeworms in the intestinal tract. In fact, cucumber seeds are also known to be useful as anti-inflammatory and effective in the treatment of swelling of the mucous membranes (nose) and throat. 

7. Nail care
Cucumber is rich in silica content, can prevent rupture and damage to the nails on the toes and fingers. 

8. Overcome with gout and rheumatism
Cucumber juice enriched with vitamins A, B1, B6, C and D, Folate, Magnesium, Calcium when mixed with carrot juice, can help patients who experience joint pain by lowering uric acid. 

9. Treating toothache and gum
Mouth disease on the teeth and gums especially pyorrhea can be treated effectively with cucumber juice. Consumption of raw cucumber can also be increased salivation and function in neutralizing acids and bases in the oral cavity. 

10. Diabetes
Cucumber juice is known to help the health of diabetic patients. The content of manganese minerals useful in the synthesis of natural insulin in the body. 

11. Renal Care
Cucumbers showed benefit in helping to alleviate the problem of the bladder and kidneys. The water contained in cucumber Formatting kidney function to launch the process of urination premises. In fact, cucumber is the best natural diuretics. 

Nourish hair
Cucumbers contain silica. By making mentium juice mixed with carrot, spinach and lettuce, this drink will help the enrichment of hair. Silica present in the connective tissue in the body. This compound helps hair growth so that when you eat high siliceous will have beautiful hair and healthy bones.

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