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Women More Concerned appearances than Sex

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Women More Concerned appearances than Sex

One in 20 men think about sex every minute, according to a study. What about women, what they often think about? How often do women think about sex? As you might expect, not all that often because women are more concerned with appearance.

A survey involving 5,000 people showed, in women, thoughts about sex was defeated by concerns about what to eat. The survey in Britain found that 25 percent of women think of food every 30 minutes and only 10 percent reported thinking about sex that often.

Even more sadly, the women are also more likely to think about what they should not eat. Four out of 10 women said they always dieting or worrying about weight, and more than 60 percent admit they do not like to eat in front of her partner. Things have not changed since the first, when you're ordering food-whether it's with a new boyfriend or girlfriend the old-as much as 13 percent of respondents admitted to choose foods that are low in calories than foods that indeed they want.

Still relating to the affairs of appearance, this study also showed that nearly 50 percent of women who had a pair pleaded not comfortable when changing clothes as he looked at her partner. Body image seen here is still a major concern of the women that beat the other things are more enjoyable for life pairs.

This research is not new, but still sends an important message for women. Come on, start to learn to enjoy life and accept ourselves what it is. Determine again the order of priority in your life. If a man does not want to accept you because you look fat, think again, if you want a lifetime of love can not enjoy life because it was always worried about those things?
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Vagina Size distention When Stimulated

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Vagina Size distention When Stimulated

The vagina is often referred to as the most intimate organ of the female body. But already intimkah you with your reproduction of this? Either because you are embarrassed to reveal the strangeness that you find, or even not aware of specific capabilities of the vagina, finally "facility" is just a mystery. So you do not wonder anymore, here are the facts that you might not know about this your female organs.

1. Able to clean up naturally 

That is why you are advised to not wash the vagina with soap. "Vagina is limited by various glands that produce fluids required for melubrikasi while cleaning the vaginal area," said Lisa Stern, APRN, a nurse who works with Planned Parenthood in Los Angeles. "The majority of vaginal infection experienced by patients in my office are women who think they have done something good, to cleanse the vagina with soap and water, even water spray medicine. "
Bath products, especially those containing chemical dyes or fragrance, can irritate the vagina and eliminates lubrication and flora (bacteria and fungi) are normal and natural, he said. When these beneficial compounds disappeared, anaerobic bacteria and fungi can reproduce, and this can cause symptoms such as itchy or smelly. Just wash the labia area with mild soap hell, fine, but do not let anyone get into the vagina.

2. The size is enlarged when stimulated 

According to Lissa Rankin, MD, obstetrics and gynecology expert and author of What's Up Down There? Questions You'd Only Ask Your gynecologist If She Was Your Best Friend, "the average length of vagina is 70-10 cm." It seems so small, and unable to "capture" him the entire property.
But the workings of the vagina was not like that. "The length could be doubled when stimulated," said Dr. Rankin. Indeed, many women still feel pain during intercourse, if the partner's penis size is very large. For cases like this, he suggested the use of lubrication and start slowly. "Invite a couple to have fun with foreplay. The more you feel aroused, the less pain inflicted during intercourse."

3. Can wrinkles 

As well as your face, pussy can wrinkled with age. The labia may be not so plump as estrogen levels decline, the layer of fat in the labia shrinking, while the depletion of collagen can cause sagging labia, according to Dr. Rankin.
"The skin on the vulva may become darker or lighter, and the clitoris is also shrinking. But it is perfectly normal, "he said." The changes that are often associated with declining estrogen levels, the baseball affect the enjoyment experienced by the vagina, really. "

4. Tampons can not be left inside the vagina 

You may have heard the story about the incoming tampon too far, and hard expelled from the vagina. It was just a myth. "Vagina is tied at the end of the inside of the cervix, and by vagian own network," said Stern. In other words, the vagina is not connected to other areas of your body. So, no need to worry there will be something that disappeared there.
"Sure, sometimes a tampon can go very far into the vagina, as if accidentally left behind during sex. If this occurs, the obstetrician can pick it up easily using a speculum and forceps, "he said.

5. Ejaculated during orgasm 

According to Dr. Rankin, this happens to some women, and not unusual. How does the process happen?
"There are glands in the vicinity of the urinary tract which may remove fluid, especially when the wall of the vagina (or G-spot) is stimulated," said Rankin.
Beverly Whipple, PhD, RN, sexuality researcher and professor at Rutgers College of Nursing, describes this area as the female prostate. The form is a collection of glands, blood vessels, nerves, and elastic tissue, which when stimulated appear to produce a liquid in some women.

6. Slack off after giving birth 

Vaginal muscles do tend to slack off after giving birth to a child, but you will not see a change in appearance. "As an obstetrician, I know if my patient a vaginal delivery or not (caesarean section, RED). I need a larger speculum to women who already had two children, than women who had never given birth. But from the outside, you can not see it unless it was torn vagina during childbirth. In this he may have a faint scar in the location of tear, or episiotomy. "
Kegel exercises are the best way to improve the function of the vaginal muscles, which stretch and change after childbirth.

7. As with biceps, must often be trained 

Dr. Rankin confirmed that the vagina would be healthier if you have sex regularly. Sex is not only keeping the sensitive vaginal tissue remained healthy. Do not forget, the vagina is aimed as a means of reproduction, so you should increase the frequency of sexual intercourse. If you're too old not to have sex, vaginal walls can become brittle. When you enter menopause, the vaginal wall can be injured and close. However, sex is not the only solution. You can consult a doctor to find another method to keep the vagina healthy.
Source : Woman Day
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The mystery behind Miss V Compulsory Unknown

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 The mystery behind Miss V Compulsory Unknown

MISS V like a mystery to many people. There are many things not known in detail about this woman's intimate area. So no one treated, know six of this fact.
A Cosmopolitan poll found that 60 percent of women said that they generally do not know much about their intimate areas. It is very unfortunate. Moreover, Miss V is the main organ that plays an important role in sex life. How you can create a comfort if the facts hidden behind it is still blind.
Well, time to find out important facts about Miss V on its function, how to maintain health, and increase happiness through the right touch.

Miss V is only one part of your intimate area
Most of us use the word vagina to refer to the intimate. In fact, the technical term that describes a narrow area in an intimate area is the vulva (the area shown include inner and outer labia, clitoris, and perineum) that leads to the cervix (the bottom of the uterus).

Miss V on the generally similar
On the inside of the shape looks different is the vulva. Generally, the size of the clitoris ranged between 1-1 ¼ inches (including lid) and outer labia a few inches longer than the inner labia. When viewing a shape will be reminiscent of butterfly wings that are hidden in the outer labia lips. In general, women do not have a symmetrical or perfect form in this section, so that one side usually larger than the other.

The area around Miss V is usually colored differently
The south of this area are usually not always same color with your skin and tend to be more bright. Many of the labia usually brown or keungunan and there are also dark. You also can have different colors in different areas, such as your labia are in the dark side, while your perineum or pale pink.

Pleated walls 

Typically, the walls of Miss V looks solid with the presence of-pleated pleated who meet section. But when Miss V open positions to accommodate a tampon or the presence of Mr. P, then the sides will be separate and wider like an open umbrella or a pleated skirt that unfolds. Miss V will usually swell and a half to 2 inches. This measure has a much more wide open, especially when having a baby.

Relax because Miss V will stretch automatically
Miss V is very elastic so it can accept the presence of Mr. P with a variety of sizes. After no longer having sex, usually Miss V would be back meetings. But maybe a lot of stories growing that after giving birth, some women say that they feel so loose Vagina. To tighten, you can do the exercises regularly.

The benefits of regular exercise
Just like the work, the more muscle the main muscle pubococcygeus or your intimate areas often trained so he will be faster. In addition to tightening, this exercise will help you reach climax. Way, Miss V flops like you're holding your urine. Hold for 10 seconds and then release. Do two sets per day for 10-20 days. You'll see the difference within a month ahead.
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Overcome vaginal discharge with Fruit Juices, and Herbs

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 Overcome vaginal discharge with Fruit Juices, and Herbs

100 grams of pomegranate fruit (1 medium fruit)
15 g pomegranate rind (cut small)
15 g Turmeric (1 finger)
5 ​​grams Leaves beluntas (1 / 2 handful)
 5 g Ginger (1 knuckle)
How to manufacture:
1. Clean all the ingredients and cut into small pieces.
2. Boil some pomegranate rind, turmeric, ginger, with 1.5 cups of water to stay half (100 ml), filtered, take the water.
3. Enter other materials that have been cut and the cooking water into the blender. Run the blender until the obtained juice as desired.
4. Pour into a glass, ready to drink. Drinking regularly to get the desired effect.

Source : Book Healthy lifestyle Herbal Medicine and Jamu By : Dr. Martha Tilaar
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4 Things Trigger Vaginal Discharge

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 4 Things Trigger Vaginal Discharge

Case vaginal discharge because the bacteria usually occurs in circumstances such as pregnancy, use of spiral or IUD (intra uterine device) and sexual intercourse with multiple partners. This condition is normal vaginal flora imbalance triggers that cause bad bacteria in the vagina grow too much.

Vaginal discharge because Gardnerella bacteria called bacterial vaginosis. Some 50 percent of women who suffer from bacterial vaginosis have no symptoms mean. 

Vaginal discharge this type characterized by watery, grayish white in color and smelled fishy. The smell will smell more puncture after sexual intercourse and cause menstrual blood smells bad. 

If there is irritation in the vaginal area in the form of itching, vaginal discharge is more mild than that caused by Candida albicans or Trichomonas vaginalis. 


Vaginal discharge this type of fungal infection caused by Candida albicans. Generally triggered by external factors and in the body such as pregnancy, obesity, use of birth control pills, certain drugs such as steroids, antibiotics, diabetes, low body resistance, hot or humid climate. 

Usually yellowish-white fluid like milk head, typical smell, and cause severe itching on the vulva and surrounding area. 

Itching is the dominant complaint. 

The fungus Candida is a lover of sugar, which grew out of control when there was an increase in blood sugar and hormonal imbalances that trigger an increase in blood sugar.


Tricohomanas vaginalis parasite infections are included in the class of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) because of transmission occurs through sexual intercourse. However, transmission can also occur through sharing personal toiletries or toilet seat that has been contaminated.- This is a fluid characteristic whitish yellow green, thick, frothy, and foul odors.

Sometimes vaginal discharge these parasites cause itching and irritation in intimate organ.

 4. VIRUS 

Vaginal discharge because viral infections are often caused by venereal diseases such as condyloma, herpes, and HIV / AIDS. 

Condyloma characterized by the growth of warts are very much with smelly liquid. This disease often affects pregnant women. 

Herpes virus is transmitted through sexual intercourse. The form blister-like lesions around the vagina, itching and discharge hot. 

Symptoms of vaginal discharge caused by viruses could be a trigger factor of cervical cancer.
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Antibiotics Cause vaginal discharge?

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 Antibiotics Cause vaginal discharge?

It's intimate hygiene areas and avoid moisture and yet it is still vaginal discharge? Try to check if lately you are taking antibiotics unnecessarily?

Whitish or excessive vaginal discharge and often cause complaints, is a condition that is not foreign to most women. Research conducted in the United States said 3 out of 4 women there have had vaginal discharge.
During this vaginal discharge is often associated with unhygienic behavior or fungal infection. Yet according to dr.Stephen Januar Kusmanto, from Bayer Health Care, vaginal discharge it also can be caused by the irrational use of antibiotics.
"Today, whatever pain a little bit taking antibiotics, resulting in populations of bacteria in the vaginal area could come off," says Stephen. He further explained, Döderlein lactobacillus bacteria are normally live in the vagina to produce lactic acid so that the fungus can not live. "Because of the advantages of antibiotics, the bacteria go to die so that fungi flourish," he said.
Besides antibiotics, other factors that could trigger the emergence of the white is the habit of using the product washing femininity. "She now wants the last abrasive wear intimate feminine wash. And usually the products of its alkaline and can reduce the acidity of the vagina," says Stephen. As already known, the normal acidity of pH should be between 3.5 to 4.5.
We recommend that you do not regard lightly vaginal discharge. Be examined by a doctor to find out the cause of vaginal discharge so you can get appropriate treatment. "Only your doctor can determine if vaginal discharge is caused by fungal or bacterial infection," Stephen closed.
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Miss V would Landscape After Childbirth?

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 Miss V would Landscape After Childbirth?

A normal delivery and have a healthy child is the dream of all women. No matter how much pain the birth process followed, gave birth normally give the feeling whole as a woman. However, it also raises some concerns in women and their partners. Could it be widened due to the size of the vagina into the birth canal for the baby?

Your doctor probably will not deny this concern. "After giving birth, the vaginal opening will be 1-4 cm larger than before," said Bruce Rosenzweig, MD, director uroginekologi at Rush University Medical Center, Chicago.
Is the vagina will go back to size after you undergo prenatal period of healing, depending on the size of the baby, how long you push, how your obstetrician abilities in sewing the vagina that has been torn back, and ... how diligent you are doing Kegel exercises afterwards.
"If you do Kegel exercises to strengthen vaginal muscles, the result is definitely better," said Millicent Comrie, MD, founder and media director of the Long Island College Center for Women's Health in Brooklyn.
In other words, the vagina is stretched, but can return to its normal size with certain conditions. Moreover, if the doctor could sew neatly and carefully, "The result could be even better than before," said Comrie.
Well, if you've never given birth several times, of course you need to make vagina muscles tighter than you get by practicing Kegel. If this is so important to you, or indeed already disturb the comfort or your health, ask your obstetrician to perform the reconstruction of the vagina (perineoplasty or vaginoplasty). This action can help lift and tighten the muscles relax at the opening of the vagina and the deeper part.
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Muscle’s Ms. V slack?

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 Muscle’s Ms. V slack?

Vaginal elasticity and muscle tone indeed affect sexual pleasure. Muscle tone should be kept for pleasure vaginal intercourse is not lost. Therefore, women often feel anxious when her vaginal muscles begin to slack.

However, according to dr. Suskhan, Sp.OG (K), consultant uroginekologi RSIA Hermina Jatinegara, Jakarta, if not experience a severe incident, the vaginal muscles are not as easy as it became loose. Generally, during the post partum (after childbirth), the condition of the uterus as well as the vaginal muscles will adapt back to the original.

Some conditions can indeed make the process of the vaginal muscles are not optimal, among them, generating more than 3 times what with the distance under 2 years of birth, birth weight babies over 4 pounds, gave birth to babies with large heads, delivery with tools, such as forceps, and vaccuum, plus the condition of pregnancy, hormonal, ligament and weakness affecting the muscles of the vagina is relatively slack despite past childbirth. If this happens, there are still ways to improve it.

Doing Kegel exercises after recovering condition after birth or 2 weeks after a Caesarean section may be attempted to restore the vaginal muscle tone. Gymnastics can be performed every day and generally will show the result after 8 to 12 weeks of therapy was performed.

In addition to Kegel exercises, surgery can also be done as an alternative. Vaginoplasty which modifies the levator ani muscle (vagina) can be reached by consideration subspecialties uroginekolog doctor.

This operation is essentially aimed at closer levator ani muscle to form a hole about the size of two fingers (go). With a duration of action approximately 1 hour and overnight recovery, this surgery can tighten the vaginal muscles are loose again. And, after not feel pain, patients were advised to perform Kegel exercises to optimize the tightening of the vagina. After recovery (about 3 months) sexual activity can be performed again as usual.
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Powder Causes Vaginal Cancer?

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 Powder Causes Vaginal Cancer?

Indiscriminate use of powder can be bad for babies. In fact, doctors do not recommend parents to provide vital organs powder in girls because they can cause reproductive problems during adulthood, even cancer.

So, what to do if your child already frequents the powder is applied in the vagina? According to Dr. Judi Januadi Endjun, SpOG, the Gatot Subroto Army Hospital, Jakarta, habits put the powder in the female sex organs of children should be stopped.
From now on, parents should also teach children how to live a healthy, such as natural foods, kosher and nutritious, not overweight, do not eat junk food, and later when they are adults, do not be late to marry, have children, and even breastfeeding until 25 months.
Also, be diligent went to the gynecologist, especially if menstrual pain or irregular. Also avoid foods that are burned because ashes can trigger gastrointestinal cancer.
Know your risk factors are also within the family, for example, there are close relatives affected by breast tumor, ovary, uterus, or gastrointestinal tract. However, do not be too stressful to think about, which is important to our future fix.
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