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The Secret of Tomatoes, the Fruit Beautiful

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The Secret of Tomatoes, the Fruit Beautiful

Tomatoes contain lycopene which is famous for its allegedly to prevent wrinkles and dark spots due to sunlight. 80% of wrinkles caused by sunlight and lycopene is one of the potent antioxidant that can stop the aging process caused by exposure to sunlight. 

Fine wrinkles start to appear on the face, especially the chin, smile lines and forehead as well as a sign that you're not young anymore. To prevent this, you can use various techniques, starting with the various anti-wrinkle cream, until surgery (face lifting). In addition to these treatments, you can also keep up with the maintenance of internal (from within), one of which consumes as tomatoes. 

According to experts, add tomatoes to the menu brings many benefits. Lycopene is also famous for its usefulness in the fight against heart disease and cancer. So in addition to skin health, you can also prevent other diseases. 

Consume lycopene-rich tomato paste can dramatically reduce skin damage caused by sunlight. Eating tomato paste mixed with olive oil for 10 weeks in addition to your regular menu. Lycopene is an antioxidant that is very potent and powerful weapon in preventing skin damage caused by free radicals. 

Add some cooked tomato dishes into your menu such as spaghetti, pizza. tomato soup or other. If possible choose the tomatoes are cooked than raw. Though raw tomatoes contain lots of lycopene, but when cooked the abortion will increase 4 fold. 

Add fresh tomato slices on sandwiches and hamburgers. Replace mayonnaise in sandwiches and hamburgers with tomato paste, then you will get a taste that is completely different. 

There's a good idea to drink 1 glass of tomato juice every day instead of orange. Because by drinking tomato juice, then you will get the lycopene and vitamin C.

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Pomegranate Fruit-desist Breast Cancer

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Pomegranate Fruit-desist Breast Cancer

Pomegranate is now more popular because of properties beneficial to health. Besides good for the heart, the pomegranate was also effective against breast cancer.

Results of laboratory tests showed that pomegranate (pomegranate) contains chemical compounds that can reduce the risk of the formation of hormones that cause breast cancer.

Fruit that tastes fresh and sweet it contains phytochemicals and high content of polyphenol antioxidants. These compounds inhibit the enzyme function associated with the development of estrogen. Breast cancer is influenced by the hormone estrogen. If a woman is no longer producing estrogen, the risk of breast cancer would decrease.

"We were quite surprised by the results of our research. Previously, we found other fruits, like grapes, capable of working as enzyme inhibitors. However, the phytochemicals in pomegranates and grapes were different," said Shuan Chen, Chief Researcher of the Breast Cancer Research Program at City of Hope, California, USA.

However, researchers have not been able to confirm the number of effective dose to prevent breast cancer considering chemical compounds derived from foods is not easily absorbed.

However, experts say there's nothing wrong drink pomegranate juice, let alone the content of antioxidants in one glass of pomegranate more than one glass of red wine, green tea, or orange juice. "In addition to preventing the development of breast cancer, pomegranate juice will also protect other organs and tissue," said Chen.

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Pomegranate Fruit Juice Prevent Prostate Cancer

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Pomegranate Fruit Juice Prevent Prostate Cancer 

Pomegranates or pomegranate are now beginning to lots sold and packaged in bottles as a beverage. Besides rich in vitamin c, fruit of this one also has the ability to fight prostate cancer cells that attack the man. 

Pomegranate juice has been proven by scientists from the University of California to improve the health of people with prostate cancer and natural medicine to prevent prostate cancer. 

Manuela martins and colleagues say that pomegranate juice may cause testosterone prostate cells metastasize. When cells were injected pomegranate, an increase in adhesion (attraction between cells) cancer cells. 

That's a sign that fewer cells break away and make them less likely to spread and migrating cells in the body. 

In addition, pomegranate juice also inhibits the formation of new tumors by inhibiting the function of cell proteins. Thus, this juice has the potential to prevent metastasis of prostate cancer cells to the bone.

According to the researchers, there are four active ingredients in pomegranate juice that has the molecules to fight cancer cells such as phenylpropanoids, hydrobenzoic acid, flavone and conjugated fatty acids. 

"Because the genes and proteins involved in the movement of prostate cancer cells are essentially similar to those involved in the movement of other types of cancer cells, the components can be modified so that it has a broader impact in the treatment of cancer," hope martin. 

Indeed, until now there is no medicine that can cure prostate cancer. Typically, the patient is only treated with surgery or radiation testosterone.
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Benefits of Soursop Fruit

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Benefits of Soursop Fruit

Soursop fruit called latin Annona muricata, also known by the name Nangka Sabrang, Nangka Londo, Nangka buris, and in Bali, is more recognizable as a Srikaya Jawa. Abroad, also known as Soursop. In addition to delicious, this fruit is also rich in drug content. 

Savor the fruit soursop gives effect anti-cancer is very strong, and medically proven to cure all types of cancer.Selain cure cancer, soursop fruit also serves as an anti-bacterial, anti fungi (fungi), effektive against various types of parasites / worms, lowering high blood pressure, depression, stress, and normalize the nervous system that are less good. 

It was a sweet acidity that gives sensation to the fans. For those who like breakfast with bread, fruit soursop are also often added in the form of jam. Whatever the form of processed, soursop flavors remain strongly attached to the product, making it very easy to recognize.

The content of soursop fruit is as follows:  

Rich in Vitamin C  
Soursop fruit consists of 67.5 percent pulp, 20 percent of the fruit skin, fruit seeds 8.5 percent and 4 percent of the fruit core. After water, nutrients that most of soursop are carbohydrates. One type of carbohydrate on soursop fruit is a reducing sugar (glucose and fructose) with levels of 81.9 to 93.6 percent of the total sugar content. Soursop fruit contains very little fat (0.3 g/100 g), so it is good for health. Sour taste in soursop derived from non-volatile organic acids, particularly malic acid, citric acid, and acid isositrat. 

Vitamins are the most dominant in soursop fruit is vitamin C, which is about 20 mg per 100 grams of fruit flesh. Requirement of vitamin C per person per day (ie 60 mg), had to be met only by consuming 300 grams of meat soursop fruit. 

Vitamin C content high enough on soursop is a very good antioxidant to increase endurance and slow the aging process (stay young). Minerals which are dominant enough phosphorus and calcium, respectively by 27 and 14 mg/100 g. Both minerals are essential for the formation of bone mass, so useful to form strong bones and prevent osteoporosis. 

Soursop excellence lies in the levels of sodium (sodium) is low (14 mg/100 g) but high in potassium (potassium), ie 278 g. mg/l00 Comparison of high potassium and sodium which are very beneficial in order to prevent hypertension disease. 

Rich Fiber  

In addition to nutritional components, soursop fruit is also very rich in non-nutritional components. One of them is contain lots of fiber food (dietary fiber), which reached 3.3 g / 100 g pulp. Consumption of 100 g of fruit flesh to fulfill 13 percent of daily needs of food fiber. Soursop fruit is a fruit that is rich in phytochemical compounds, so as to ensure that the fruits were so many health benefits. 

Phytochemical compounds they are determined to have health giving properties, though not all scientifically proven. Various benefits of soursop for therapy include treatment of gallstones, antisembelit, uric acid, and increases appetite. In addition, the fiber content also serves to facilitate digestion, especially for the treatment of constipation (difficult bowel movements). 

Fruit juice (juice) soursop in the digestive system will increase the appetite. Other uses of this juice is for the treatment of waist aches and pains, hemorrhoids (pile), gallstones, and others. ( 

Here's a summary of usability soursop: 

Soursop has enormous benefit in the prevention and cure of cancer. For prevention, it is advisable to eat or drink fruit juice soursop. 

For healing 

Can boil 10 leaves of soursop fruit The old (dark green) into the 3 cups of water and continue to evaporate and boiled water to 1 cup only. 1 cup water to a patient drunk every 2 times a day.
After drinking, he says the body feels the effects of heat, similar with the effects of chemotherapy. Within 2 weeks, the results can be checked to the doctor.  

Soursop leaves are said to nature such as chemotherapy, even more abundant because soursop leaves only kill cells abnormal growth of cells and let the cells grow normal. While there are still effects of chemotherapy also kills some cells are normal cells. 
Efficacy and benefits for other treatments:
 * Hemorrhoid. Soursop fruit is ripe. Squeeze to take water as much as 1 cup, drink 2 times a day, morning and afternoon. 

 * Pain Bladder Urine. Half-ripe fruit soursop, sugar and salt to taste. All the material is made compote cooked. Eaten plain, and performed regularly every day for 1 week in a row.

 * Infant Diarrhea. Soursop fruit is ripe. Soursop fruit is squeezed and filtered to take water, and drunk in infants suffering from diarrhea as much as 2-3 tablespoons. 

* Anyang-anyangen. Half-ripe soursop and sugar to taste. Soursop peeled and boiled with sugar, together with 2 cups of water, filtered and drunk. 

* Lumbago. 20 pieces soursop leaves, boiled with 5 cups water to boil until down to 3 glass, drink 1 a day 3 / 4 cup. 

 * Boils. Soursop leaves are still young enough, stick in places affected by ulcers.

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KLAYAR BEACH - From Sphinx - like Reef until Sea Flute

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KLAYAR BEACH - From Sphinx - like Reef until Sea Flute

Klayar is an exotic beach with white sand, sphinx - like Reef, holey Reef, Sea flute and natural fountain up to 10 meters high with makes this beach becomes ones of more beautiful beaches in south coast in java.

Located approximately 45 km west of Pacitan (East Java) Klayar can be reached by motorbike or car. The trip itself is very challenging and stimulates the adrenaline because of holey narrow roads in some parts and the winding route. There are several extreme up and down roads. However, the beauty scenery of green hills and valleys will accompany you along the journey.

The beach is almost empty. Except on the school break season or holidays you will only see a few fisherman. The white sand stretched with crystal-clear waves breaking on shore, flanked by reef cliffs on the right and left. You can go up to the hill on the right and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Klayar's landscape from the seeing point there.

After admiring the beautiful landscape, taking a walk on the soft white sand would be the best thing to do. Walking to the east, you will see a small river flows cut across the sand to meet the sea. Crossing this river will be very exciting because in some points, the depth reaches adult thigh. Not so far from this estuary, a very beautiful smaller river emerges and creates another estuary. The bottom of this river is composed by beautiful black sand with stripes of white sand washed from the beach.

Sea Flute

Sea Flute, Sphinx-like Reef, and Holey Reef

An amazingly beautiful lagoon lays between two reef clusters. Crystal clear-waves splash and hit the reefs before breaking and making a turn back to the ocean in the white sandy beach. This small lagoon is stunning, indeed. It makes you want to sit back, relax and watch its beauty all day long. Strong waves repeatedly hit the reefs creating the waterfall effect with beautiful white foam froth.

High reefs are standing firmly at the east of the lagoon. One of them looks almost like the famous Sphinx from Egypt. He admitted the similar shape of it and the Sphinx. Exploring the reef area in the rear, you will see a few small holes on the reef filled with water. It seems like these are home for some small crabs. Far to the right, there are some holey reefs in the bottom part of the cliff that looks like tunnel underneath the reef.

Do not be surprised when there's suddenly fountain splashing behind you! Yes, it's another extraordinary natural phenomenon. There is a crack in this reef. When strong waves come up, some water got under the rock and splash upward like a giant fountain that can reach up to 10 meters. This fountain also comes with sounds like a whistle. That is why it's often referred as flute of the sea.

Do you want to stay longer enjoying the beauty of Klayar? Climb up to the Sphinx-like rock and sit on its waist, enjoying the beautiful lagoon with its waterfall effect on the right, natural fountain on the left, holey reefs far in the right, and the stretch of ocean as far as you could see. Lay your body and close your eyes. Listen to the sea waves singing to you and you will definitely fall in love with Klayar.

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Drain Toxins with Asparagus

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Drain Toxins with Asparagus 

Nutritional content of asparagus is excellent. These vegetables help the growth of children, avert degenerative diseases, and can be pleasing.
The name asparagus directly taken from the Latin language, that is Asparagus officinalis belonging to the family and genus Asparagus Asparagaceae. In Greek, called aspharagos asparagus, is in Persian language, known as asparag which means grow. 

Asparagus is a kind of vegetable plants that are married the two. That is, this plant is a male and one female. Asparagus originated and widely planted in the United States, particularly North America, including the Valley of California, Sacramento, New Jersey, South Carolina, and Illinois. Asparagus bamboo shoots taken as a vegetable is a large white bamboo shoots, soft, and fat. 

Land needed by the vegetable is asparagus plateau with an altitude of 600-900 m above sea level. Asparagus can grow optimally at temperatures between 15-25 degrees Celsius with rainfall fairly numerous and evenly distributed throughout the year, ranging from 2500-3000 mm / year. 

Therefore, the main requirement should land plateau, cool temperate, and near sources of water for water in dry season needs fulfilled. Areas such as the above conditions are rarely found in Indonesia. 

Prevent Osteoporosis

  Asparagus is usually served boiled and steamed. In the Netherlands, asparagus is usually presented in the form of pasta. In addition, asparagus is usually oiled with olive oil and eaten with cheese. Asparagus is preferred that the form is not too long. In Indonesia, the asparagus is usually presented in the form of crab soup. 

Asparagus is one type of vegetable which has a very good nutritional value. Nutritional content of asparagus can be seen in the table. Asparagus is a source of vitamin K, folic acid, vitamin C, and vitamin A which is excellent.
Consumption of 1 cup of asparagus to meet the 114.8 percent of the body's vitamin C every day. Vitamin K is useful for prothrombin expenditure needed for blood clotting. 

In addition, vitamin K is also necessary for bone formation and repair. Vitamin K can help the synthesis of osteocalcin which can help prevent osteoporosis.
Vitamin K plays an important role in the intestinal tract and helps convert glucose into glycogen to be stored in the liver. Lack of vitamin K can cause bleeding gums, nose, intestines, and urinary tract. 

Levels of folic acid in asparagus reached 262.8 meg per cup. According to The George Mateljan Foundation, the consumption of 1 cup of asparagus has been able to meet 65.7 percent of the body's need for folic acid every day. 

Nature Diuretics 

 Asparagus can be served hot or cold. However, the process should avoid using iron cookware because the content of tannin will react with iron and cause color changes in asparagus. Asparagus is good to have a circular shape. White asparagus has a more delicate flavor than green asparagus. In today's market there are also purple asparagus which felt more like fruit than white or green asparagus. 

To produce the best flavor, asparagus consumption should be done a day or two days after purchase. Asparagus should be stored in refrigerator (refrigerators). Avoid lighting the lamp or sunlight during storage because it will damage the structure of folic acid in asparagus. 

Asparagus has a very good diuretic properties. This is because the content of the amino acid asparagine in it. Diuretic properties can be used to drain the toxic component (toxin) that is in the body, namely via the urine.

However, excessive consumption of asparagus can cause the urine (urine) to smells. This is because a combination of methyl mercaptan with S-methyl-thioacrylate and S-methyl-3-(methylthio) thiopropionate.
People with gout or uric acid are advised to not consume excessive asapargus. This is because the content is quite high purinnya. 

Friends of Heart

  Asparagus also favored as a food rich in tryptophan, vitamin B1, B2, B3, B6, manganese, food fiber, copper, phosphorus, potassium, and protein (very good category.) Another nutrient that is potentially enough iron, zinc, magnesium, selenium, and calcium (good category). 

Asparagus is rich in tryptophan are usually widely available in animal products like meat and eggs. Tryptophan is an amino acid-producing serotonin, a hormone to relax the nerves in the central brain. That is why, serotonin is also often referred to as hormone sleeper. 

Tryptophan also serves to change the mood, the food that enters the body has a chemical reaction that can affect the feelings produced by the brain. When feeling positive, life was much happier. 

In addition, asparagus is also rich in B complex vitamins and some minerals that are beneficial for the body. Fiber content also belong to the category of excellent. 

Fiber has benefits for lowering blood cholesterol levels by inhibiting absorption of fat or cholesterol in the colon, so that blood cholesterol levels are not increased.

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Sindoro - Sumbing, Twins Mountain are Challenging in Java Island

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Sindoro - Sumbing, Twins Mountain are Challenging in Java Island 

Sindoro and Sumbing are two adjacent mountain, and have the shape and height are nearly equal. High Sumbing Mountain approximately 3340 m above sea level (asl), slightly higher than Sindoro (3155 m asl). If mapped, Sumbing Mountain located adjacent to the southwestern city of Temanggung and east of the town of Wonosobo. Meanwhile, on the northwest Sindoro Temanggung and northeast Wonosobo. Society in both regions were called Sindoro-Sumbing as Mount twins. Both save huge tourism potential, although not everything can be managed optimally. 

In addition to beautiful natural scenery, with cool and fresh air, areas of Sumbing - Sindoro slopes potential to be an area of agro-tourism, especially lichi fruit, tobacco, vanilla, and coffee. Natural conditions similar to the Diamond Mountain area, Bogor. 

Mountain filled with legends about the loyalty of their partners and epic heroism that was not strange for the climbers. Many groups of nature lovers who climbed the peak Sumbing and Sindoro, especially on certain days which has become a tradition. With its strengths, transportation and tourism district offices Temanggung try to continue to dig the potential of tourism, while improving the supporting infrastructure of this region.
One area that flanked the valley Sindoro-Sumbing is Kledung, who skipped users Parakan-lane road in Wonosobo. Many road users are resting in this place, just to see the beauty of the surrounding natural panorama that can refresh your body and mind. Many things that we can see the mountain valley. Besides the natural beauty, the valley-Sumbing Sindoro also offers a warm and friendly smile inhabitants. Moreover, when looking at the activities they tobacco season arrives. 

Beautiful natural scenery and balmy air is now a rare commodity in urban, that is why, they often use the holiday to a natural tourist attraction as many available  Temanggung. It lies close to the Dieng Plateau makes climbing tours and Sindoro Sumbing more terrible could be promoted more, for example by inviting some of the tourists who come for a visit home keTemanggung Dieng. 

Sumbing Mountain  
Name  : Sumbing Mount 
Crater  : Sumbing Crater 
Location : Paging Mountain Village, District Tjepit, Country Temanggung  
Height  : 3. 340 m asl  
Area  : Country Temanggung, Magelang, Wonosobo and Purworejo.  
Nearest City  : Temanggung (Northeast), Parakan (North), Wonosobo (West), and Magelang (Southeast).  
Mount Type : Mount Fire strato type B  
Observation Post : Genting Sari Village , Parakan-Temanggung at the height of 950 m above sea level. 
Sumbing Mountain
Sumbing Crater

I posted (forest meeting) there was a bivouac shelter and land. While heading II (Open Area) dominated grassland and weeds. Enough hot air in the peak, high winds, and sunny weather, with temperatures below 12 degrees Celciuse. The peak consists of rocks, sandy ground, craters, and sulfur.
Travel tours to Sumbing Mount Tegalrejo tour will pass through the village which is also close to fishing Vale  Kambang and
Gondosuli inscriptions. The land around the volcano is very fertile, so that almost all the areas that ramps up to an altitude of 2,000 m above sea level used as a folk plantations such as tobacco and vegetables.  
Climbing the Sumbing mountain can be done anytime. But the peak crowds occur in Malem Selikuran (night to 21st in the month of Ramadan). Thousands of climbers, who guided nature lovers who experienced the Sumbing Hiking Club (SHC) Waterford, as well as officials monitored the integrated diposko nearest-aid post, started the ritual of pagers mountain village, sub-Fur. 

To climb out of tradition
Malem Selikuran , the trip can be done without having guided the officers. The climbers generally start from the village / subdistrict Kledung (northwest), or village need and Selogowok Tlogo Mulyo (northeast). In fact, the Sumbing mountain can also be climbed from the area outside the Temanggung district. That is northwest of the village Garung (1543 m asl) in the village of Need, sub Kalijajar (Wonosobo), southeast of Kalegan (Magelang regency), and Southwest direction of sapurun (Wonosobo).

If the weather is good, the climb to the summit take about five hours. Some of their pilgrimage  Ki Ageng Makukuhan at Sumbing Peak. Ki Ageng Makukuhan believed to be the first person who stopped at Kedu and introduced the tobacco plant. There are several posts that must be passed from base camp to summit, namely the post I (1750 m asl), heading II (2,000 m asl), heading the shadow (2,500 m asl), and the peak (2850-3340 m asl). 

Wonotirto Peak
On the slopes of Mount Sumbing, in a village in Bulu, there is a fairly popular tourist area, the Wonotirto Peak . Along the road to the location, tourists can look at the pine forest in the distance and expanse of tobacco plants. The fans of mountain tourism is certainly very like atmosphere like this. From the peak area, we can look off into different directions. Included at the end Sumbing and Mount Sindoro. This is possibly because Wonotirto Peak at an altitude of 1900-2000 m above sea level. To get to the location of the slopes, travelers can use a motorcycle or car. But about 3 km before the summit, the journey must continue on foot. 

Sindoro Mountain  
Name : Mount Sindoro  
Crater Name : Crater Segara Wedi  
Location : Village Site Planning, District Ngadirejo, County Waterford  
Altitude : 3155 m asl  
Area : County Waterford, and the District of Wonosobo.  
Nearest City : Waterford (Southeast), Parakan (East), Wonosobo (West).  
Mount Type : Mount Fire strato type B 

Sindoro Mountain

Sindoro Crater

Each night a sura, thousands of nature lovers make the climb Sindoro. 3151 m altitude mountain also has some natural beauty, such as Lake edelwis Eternal Magic and interest on top of the mountain. The climbers can also see the panoramic sunrise and sunset. As Cleft, Sindoro suitable for nature and adventure tourism activities. Climbing is done through the Village Site Planning, District Ngadirejo, Temanggung. In addition to beautiful natural scenery, hikers can see the activities of farmers in the garden.

Mystery Walitis Tree In the Rasamala Forest
Walitis trees in the area Rasamala Forest is the largest tree on the slopes of Sumbing and Sindoro. This forest is located in the village of Jetis, District Selopampang, tree height reached 30 meters, with a trunk circumference of 7.5 meters. To embrace the stem only needed six adults each link holding out both hands.  

Walitis Tree

According to the local community, this tree comes from one of his followers stick guardian, namely Ki Ageng Makukuhan that is attached to the ground. Walitis region has beautiful natural scenery and fresh mountain air and natural. This area is also growing in clumps of plants named Rasamala. Therefore, the area known as Rasamala forest. The specialty crops and forests are not immune to the fire. When forest fires in some areas and slopes Sumbing  Sindoro some time ago, Rasamala forest fire completely untouched. To reach the grove of trees Rasamala which covers 1.5 hectares, the tourists have to climb through the path. The distance is about 1.5 km climb from walitis tree.

Source : Kabupaten Temanggung
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